Wotever DIY Film Festival 2015

Programme Schedule @ The Cinema Museum

DIY Filmmaking Workshop 12:00 – 15:00

Programme Schedule @ The British Film Institute 

Best of the WDIYFF Screening

Programme Schedule @ The Cinema Museum and The Royal Vauxhall Tavern 

Opening Gala Night 19:30 (This event will have a BSL Interpreter)

Party: Female Masculinity Appreciation Society 20:00 – 3:00

Programme Schedule @ The Cinema Museum 

Filmmakers Networking Event 13:00 – 15:00

Space, Place, DIY 13.30 – 15:00

Latin American Voices 15.30 – 16.45

Dis/Connect 15.30 – 17.15

Gender Riot with Performance by New Male Privilege 19.30 – 21.30

The Personal Is Political 19.30 – 21.30

Programme Schedule @ The Cinema Museum 

Act Up 13.30

The Best of Glitch 16.30

Curiouser and Curiouser 16.00 (Installation to run from 15.30-16.00)

Intergen 19:30

Wot Sex II : Queer Porn Screening 20:00 (Content Warning, please see below)

Always wanted to make a film? Have a film but need help editing it? Want to make connections and speak to other queer filmmakers? This is a workshop for amateur filmmakers or those looking to improve on basic skills.


It would be helpful if you had some kind of recording equipment such as a camera or phone, but this isn’t strictly necessary. Although we’ll be focusing on documentary and experimental film, you’ll learn transferable skills which can be applied to all aspect of DIY filmmaking.

Our experienced workshop leaders will take you through every step of the DIY-filmmaking process, from conception and pre-production through to organising your shoot, setting up shots and direction and finally to editing and post-production. The tutorial section will run for two hours, followed by an hour of one-on-one tuition with workshop leaders.

The Cinema Museum is fully wheelchair accessible with gender neutral toilers and plenty of quiet spaces to go should you need some down time. If you do have additional needs please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Workshop leaders:
Rob Eagle is an in-house multimedia producer at University College London where he works with academics across the university to turn their research into short films. He also freelances in documentary film and radio, having previously worked on TV documentaries for the BBC and Discovery Channel. His most recent short documentary ‘Dressing Queer’ is screening this year at film festivals around the UK.

Tristan Bell is a young DIY filmmaker whose work spans a number of genres and mediums. Working in small numbers or independently, Tristan believes in self-sufficiency and organicity when it comes to making films.

A special ‘Best of the WDIYFF’ to be held at the BFI, this is a great way to warm up for this year’s festival. If you’ve missed out on any of our previous festivals, or simply want to relive the magic, make sure you get tickets for what will be a popular event.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 22.17.30

Flabzilla, Kayleigh O’Keefe; Bill Rogers, 2014, UK, 00:03:20
Subverting the concept of the monstrous fatty and playing with common perceptions of ‘othered’ physique, Flabzilla rises from the sea and attacks the city of London (built entirely from cardboard and packing tape).


Dog, Kate Jessop, 2013, UK, 00:01:36
A young man comes to terms with his sexuality and confronts his bully in his home neighbourhood of Merton (London). Stunning animation specially commissioned for the Southbank Festival of Neighbourhood, 2013 and adapted from the poem by Richard Scott.

Fill Image

Reliquary 2, Simon Croft, 2008, UK, 00:03:42
Reliquary 2 is a reflection on physical and personal transformation and the role that chance plays in life’s changes. In this piece, the initial parameters of the process were set and allowed to unfold towards a certain outcome. In doing so, unexpected events and opportunities arose that modified the final result. In some instances, these random occurrences act to change the perspective of the piece, perhaps reflecting the fact that in many instances it is how we view unexpected factors in our lives that makes them positive or negative.

Fill Image

Morgan, Rachel Shenton, 2014, UK, 00:08:00
When 18 year old Kate meets Morgan, there’s an instant attraction. But when she begins to fall for a mysterious stranger as well, she’s plunged into confusion about her sexuality…
In many ways, Morgan is what the WDIYFF is all about: giving young or first time filmmakers an opportunity to screen their work and inspiring the confidence to progress and develop their creative talents. We’re delighted to hear that director Rachel Shenton is screening new film ‘A Rabbit’s Tale’ at this year’s Cannes Short Film Festival.


Doublebind #3, Gilivanka Kedzior and Barbara Friedman, 2013, France, 00:03:50
Two performance artists, one red lipstick, Russian poetry and many, many kisses. One of the most visually beautiful and moving pieces we’ve shown. I love your eyes my darling friend…

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.48.10

The Very Last Plea From My Heart, Olivia Sparrow, 2012, UK, 00:06:50
The term ‘Queer’ has enormous scope, encompassing not only LGBTQIA* relationships, but alternatively or non-normatively gendered bodies and different modes of eroticism. In this beautifully shot film, tenderness and longing meet Brutalist architecture as the director explores her love affair with Birmingham Library. Frank and frankly sexy, it fuses the urban space with queer desire and is one of the most compelling and beguiling films we’ve ever shown.

Faggot Girl

Faggotgirl Does(n’t Do) the NYC Subway, Krissy Mahan, 2013, USA, 00:03:30
Krissy Mahan’s butch dyke action hero Faggotgirl fights for justice and rights for non-normatively-bodied people. This short film charts Faggotgirl’s journey on the New York subway; if millions of dollars are being spent on ‘improving’ stations, why are there still no elevators and escalators? Disability is a queer issue!

Opening Gala Night Screening + Party: Female Masculinity Appreciation Society


Stories of Our Lives dir, Jim Chuch, Kenya, 2014 62:00
We are absolutely delighted to be starting this year’s Wotever DIY Film Festival with the stunning Stories of Our Lives. Our opening feature was created by The Nest Collective, who travelled all over Kenya to collect hundreds stories from LGBT Kenyans, developing an anthology film of short vignettes shot on a single Canon DSLR. The Nest Collective literally googled on how to make a film, and it is boldly and beautifully made. Stories are told by Kenyans from their own perspective, from the city to the countryside, rejecting western narratives in order to truly express themselves. The result is a film that is poignant, funny, bittersweet, and moving. WDIYFF believes this represents everything that’s so special to DIY Queer film and we are very pleased to screen it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 13.08.46

FU377 dir. Neelu Bhuman, UK, 2014, 5:00
When Section 377, a British colonial law outlawing ‘unnatural offences’ was in turn declared unconstitutional only for the decision to be overturned 4 years later, outrage and shock was felt throughout India and worldwide. FU377 focuses on a relationship between a mum using her ‘mint condition’ knowledge of lesbian sex to try and cheer up her heartbroken queer daughter as the Supreme Court makes their final ruling. This is a sweet, funny and affecting film that speaks out its politics loud and clear.
Running time 67:00 minutes

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 22.27.41

Opening Night Party! Female Masculinity Appreciation Society


Filmmaker Networking Social. This is an opportunity for all filmmakers or aspiring filmmakers to come, meet, network and connect. Refreshments will be provided. This event has very kindly been sponsored by Looking At You Productions

A Three-way Retrospective of Bev Zalcock and Sara Chambers, Val Phoenix and Krissy Mahan
Ideas of community and place have rarely been as pertinent as they are now as we witness the turbo-gentrification of urban areas and rapid loss of queer spaces. In this retrospective, some of our favourite, DIY, lesbian or queer-identified filmmakers explore connections to space, place and time and depict the complex relationship between female or queer bodies and the urban or pastoral environments. In particular, these films embody an ultra-DIY ethic and experimentalism which forms an inspiring example of what can be achieved on little or no budget.

Val Phoenix
Fascinated by the intersection of politics and creativity, Val Phoenix was involved in the nascent queer activist scene in San Francisco before moving to London in 1995. In addition to her work as a freelance journalist, she produces the online radio show Odd Girl Out. Since 2006 she has made more than 30 short films and has been shown at Whirlygig, Fringe!, LaDIYfest Berlin and Wotever DIY Film Fest. View Val’s films.


Totally Girl Powered, shot HD London, UK, 08:26
A journalist recalls her brief encounter with Bikini Kill during a tour stop in Wales during the heady days of Riot Grrrl. Missed connections, language difficulties and scurrilous gossip set the stage for that night’s gig…

The Woman From the Future, shot mini DV Berlin, UK, 2015, 04:04 UK, 04:04, World Premiere
A woman from the future finds herself in modern-day Berlin.

In Bloom, shot Super London, UK, 2012, 02:13
East London floral noir.

Krissy Mahan (Dykeumentary)
Krissy Mahan is a daughter, an artist and handyman determined to create a world that is more fun for everyone. She started making movies with cameras checked out from the public library and hasn’t stopped amusing herself since.
Krissy started making ‘dykeumentaries’ back in the late 1980s AIDS crisis year, when evidence of queerness and drug-addiction was eliminated at friends’ and relatives’ funerals (often by people who thought they were being kind).
Since then, her media empire has grown to include films that firmly yet happily establish the beauty of people on the margins of the United States’ current reality. Take a look at Krissy’s work.


Until Justice Rolls, NY, USA, 2014, 03:48
A butch-dyke super-hero-action-figure and her friend, Robot, are trying to get around NYC.  Only certain kinds of bodies can use the subway, and Faggotgirl and Robot do not have the normative body the subway prioritizes.  They can’t even roll or walk to their destination, because the sidewalk curb-cuts are so badly maintained (if they even exist).

The Genesis of Butch and Femme, NY, USA, 2015, 05:54
A re-telling of the creation story, from a fresh perpective. Includes the expulsion from the garden, a guest appearance by Morgan Freeman, and the reason why butches and femmes will always have to explain their romantic preferences.

Memoir – My Dykeumentary, NY, USA, 2010, 04:04
The visuals I remember from being raised in an Irish-American Catholic family in the Philadelphia area in the 1960s-70s: the Viet Nam War, the MOVE bombings, Hollywood musicals, and the state-promoted idea of who “Bicentennial America” was.

Starlite Stays NY, USA, 2009, 02:27
This video was filmed and uploaded the day of the first rally to oppose the termination of a Black-owned Brooklyn bar’s lease. It was posted to let people know what was happening, so that more people would  go there to fight against the establishment’s eviction.

Bev Zalcock and Sara Chambers (Barrelstout Productions)
Bev Zalcock and Sara Chambers are Barrelstout Productions (formerly Pitbull Productions) and have been making short no-budget films together since 1994. Most of their films are made locally around East London, shot on Super 8 and edited at home. The aesthetic is resolutely ‘home made/home movie’ style, with a characteristic use of colour, light and music to convey a sense of their lives and desires.
The films have a strong female focus and frequently feature friends as well as themselves.  Their influences include the Underground & Exploitation cinema, and are dedicated to the spirit of love, laughter and disobedience.


Space Dog Assassin, UK, 1998, 07:00
Masie, the dog who fell to earth, is on a mission to kill ‘The Cabinet’. Dazed and confused, she wanders around east London searching for her target.

Dayglo (You Know You Know), shot on Super 8, UK, 2011, 03:00
Made in memory of Poly Styrene singer & songwriter, once of the punk band X Ray Spex. Poly’s music has always inspired us for its spirit of feminism & liberation; we’re particularly fond of ‘Oh Bondage Up Yours!’  The film’s soundtrack features her biggest hit, and uses an abstract array of vivid colours, some of which are made by painting food dyes on to the film emulsion.

Message of the Afternoon – Blue, shot on Super 8 b+w/colour tint, UK, 2005, 4:00
The film is about a bus ride from Tower Bridge to the Old Kent Road. It is the journey we used to make to visit each other before we lived together. The film expresses the texture of the journey and the feeling of arrival. Hand-tinted, the blues convey the sense of urban reality, layered to create a mood of edgy anticipation.

The Deep Purple Film, shot on Super 8 b+w/colour tint, UK, 2009, 03:30
Bev revisits the landscape of her adolescence: ‘when I was nine, the family moved from London to a lonely part of Sussex, miles from anywhere. There was a life-size crucifix outside the garden gate. From then onwards I began to realize that I was different…’ The past is a parallel universe; we go there from time to time!

This year the WDIYFF is proud to present a strong range of voices from Latin America. In Almut’s Kumbia Queers, former punk rockers Ali, Pilar, Flor, Pat, Inés and Juana subvert, re-imagine and above all queer the traditional genre of Cumbia with raucous wit and energy; Rodrigo Almeida speculates on desire, fantasy and the queer death drive in How Tasty Was My Little Cafuçu while in Virginidade Chico Lacerda explores themes of adolescent sexual awakenings and coming out in Brazil. (All films with English subtitles)


Como era gostoso meu cafuçu / How tasty was my little cafuçu dir. Rodrigo Almeida, Brazil, 2015, 14.00 (European Premiere)
Two men attend a party thrown by a group of wealthy gay men, yet the experience is curiously empty. After, as they walk the night time streets of Brazil, we learn their real feelings, misgivings and nihilistic desires….


Virgindade (Virginity) dir. Chico Lacerda, Brazil, 2015, 15.43
A young man describes his journey of sexual awakening with a compelling mixture of eroticism, naivete and yearning. This is juxtaposted with a series of shots from everyday Brazilian life – until we are treated to visual treat of something quite unexpected!

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Kumbia Queers dir. Almut, Germany/Argentina, 2013, 46.00
Can the traditional, dancing rhythms of Cumbia merge with queer punk rock? It can! This documentary, shot on tour in 2011, follows Kumbia Queers Ali, Pila, Flor, Pat, Inés and Juana as they infuse the dancing rhythms of Cumbia with their uniquely political, punk, queer, DIY aesthetic. Joyful, outrageous and endlessly catchy.


Bachelorette (Junggesellin), dir. Anna Linke, Germany/Argentina, 2012, 15:00

How do we find new connections or keep the ones we have? What is it to feel disconnected? Loneliness, romance and chance encounters are explored in Midsummer in Paris, Chance and When the Circus Came to Town, while those in Vecinas (Neighbours), Pepper and The Reunion try, with various degrees of success, to move their relationships forward. Connections are sought out, made and broken in stories of love, lust and fantasy versus reality.


The Reunion, dir. Jason Rayner, Canada, 2015, 14:45 (World Premiere)


Vecinas (Neighbours), dir. Eli Navarro, Spain, 2012, 15:50


Pepper, dir. Patrick Aubert, Canada, 2014, 07:00


When the Circus Came to Town, dir. Nakshatra Bagwe, India, 2015, 18:55 (UK Premiere)

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 17.12.29

Dusty Does Dallas, dir. Helen Wright, UK, 2014, 06:00

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 17.13.04

Chance, dir. Jake Graf, UK, 2015, 16:00


Midsummer in Paris, dir. Kuei-Yin Chou, Taiwan, 2015, 15:00 (World Premiere)

Films that explore, play, sing, dance, celebrate and experiment with gender. The surrealism/comedy/erotica (‘surrcomotica’?) short, Hello Titty, features the last tit-show before top surgery, while God’s Mistake documents Salome’s journey of growing up trans in former Yugoslavia. Packed full of sublime music and dance, including New Male Privilege (a sustainable, vegan and gluten-free boy band who sing of being trans in a cis-gendered world – pictured above), and award-winning dance duo in This is Us, this collection is a celebration of being true to oneself.

Fill Image

Hello Titty, dirs Skyler Braeden Fox and Idàn Sagiv Richter , Germany, 2015, 15:00
This is Us, dir EnaFay, UK, 2015, 05:00, (World Premiere)

Fill Image

This is Us, dir EnaFay, UK, 2015, 05:00, (WORLD PREMIERE)


Becoming Flirty, dir Mian Bond-Carvin, USA, 2014, 04:00


Man for a Day, dir Mandy Niewöhner, UK/Germany, 2014, 04:59


Tricyclic Transform, dir Melanie Menard, UK, 2015 05:26 (World Premiere)


God’s Mistake, dir Eva Matarranz, Slovenia, 2014, 22:00


The Gender Joker, dir Joey Hateley, UK, 2014, 04:52 (World Premiere)


Yin and Yang, dir Olga Guse, Germany, 2014, 04:00

Fill Image

Campos des Castilla (Deep Country), Karmen & Urko, Spain, 2014 05:00

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Hollie, dir H Howitt/James Dunstan, UK, 2015, 11:00 (World Premiere) (CW: sexual abuse)


Saviour, dir Aella Jordan-Edge, UK, 2015, 02:37


From Frock to Rock, dir Haydn Vooght, UK, 2014, 06:01


New Male Privilege present ‘Cistem Cisgame’, dir Tanja Wol Sorensen, Denmark, 2015, 10:42


Performance by New Male Privilege present 

The Personal is Political is a fact most queers live with every day, especially if facing intersecting oppressions such as race, gender or disability. These films are about a politics that is both individual and universal in how it isolates and unites us. It’s about queer people of all identities finding their own way in the world, whether it’s through dance (Private Dancer, He’s the Greatest Dancer), music (I’m Not Your Inspiration), sexual exploration (Push Me), telling your story (Bedding Andrew) and ultimately through each other; in friendship (MingMong – about coming of age and rejection), family (Guao) and loved ones. These films showcase queer people’s explorations within this.


Faggotgirl in Winter, dir. Krissy Mahan, USA, 2015, 4:42 World Premiere

Fill Image

Campos des Castilla (Deep Country), dir. Karmen_tep & Urko Post-O, Spain, 2014, 5:00


Push Me, dir. Tove Pils, Sweden, 2014 22:15


Private Dancer -Catwalk, dir. Henri H Hiltunen, Sweden, 4:21


Bedding Andrew, dir. Blair Fukumura, Canada, 2014, 4:39


This is What Queer Looks Like, dir. Mian Bond Carvin, USA, 4:00


A Rabbit’s Tale, dir. Rachel Shenton, UK, 2015 4:04 WORLD PREMIERE


He’s the Greatest Dancer, dir. Jade Pollard-Crowe, UK, 2:11 World Premiere


I’m Not Your Inspiration 4: Liz, dir. Sandra Alland, Scotland, 2015, 14:48


MingMong, dir. Richard Turley, UK, 2014, 12:33


Guao, Eduardo Velázquez, Argentina/Dominican Republic, 2015, 34:23 WORLD PREMIERE

The inherent power of film means the possibilities for queers to use DIY film to speak up about a cause, shout out against injustice and make a change in the world is limitless. Performance piece Homophoria takes inspiration from technofeminism while we explore queer issues within immigration rights and the Arab Spring through Lucky Fares and Hacia Una Primavera Rosa. Music from queerpunk artist Ste McCabe (Cockroach), ‘gay cures’ explored as horror / magic realism (Paper Thin) and beautiful spoken word (I Choose Peace) is rounded off by ManDate: Oral History. Using archive clips with powerful (and sometimes humourous) effect, it is impossible to ignore. Or as the director described it: “NSFW and political as f*ck.”

Fill Image

Lucky Fares, dir Marco Fettolini, Spain, 2015, 11:56

Fill Image

A Wish For Birdsong, dir Alex Brew, UK, 2013, 2:05

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.50.25

Cockroach, dir Annabel Cooper and Helen Wright, UK, 2014 2:00

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.51.44

Hacia Una Primavera Rose (Towards a Pink Spring), dir Mario de la Torre, Spain, 17:00

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.53.20

Paper Thin, dir Nataly Lebouleux, 2014 19:54 (CW: Contains ‘gay cure’ conversion therapy)

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.54.39

I Choose Peace, dir YaliniDream and JenDog Lonewolf, USA, 2014, 3:24

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.55.46

Homophoria, dir Glitterlickin, Sweden, 2014 3:32 (WORLD PREMIERE)

Fill Image

Mandate: Oral History, USA, dirs Clyde Petersen, Mark Mazique, Corey J. Brewer 2015, 41:10, (EUROPEAN PREMIERE)

(This event will have a BSL interpreter and all films screened will be subtitled)
Digital Desperados are a Glasgow-based charity which run free filmmaking courses for women (trans welcome) of colour and hold free film screenings of films by/about people of colour. Glitch was their first dedicated 10 day *QTIPoC film festival from the 19th – 28th March 2015 – the first of it’s kind in Europe!
*queer(& lgb)/trans /intersex people of colour


What I Love About Being Queer Dir. Vivek Shraya, Canada, 2012 | 18 mins 23
34 beautiful Queers. One big question.

Fill Image

Drone Dir. Sharlene Bamboat, Canada, 2012, 1:53 min
Drone: a remote controlled aerial vehicle or missile; a monotonous speech.
Drone: a reaction to the current United States government drone attacks in Northern Pakistan. 
Drone examines the shifting nature of the language of war in the redefinition of the terms “civilian” and “casualty.”


The Homecoming: A Short Film About Ajamu Dir. Topher Campbell, UK, 17 min
This film follows and interviews the warm and engaging photographer Ajamu. It highlights the important significance of his skilled photography and his nuanced representation of black, gay men.


Womb Child | Dirs Andra Simons, Joao Trinidade & Coralita Simons, UK & Bermuda, 2015, 3 mins 26


In The Ladies Lounge Dir. Fadia Abboud, Australia, 2007, 12 mins
Two contemporary Lebanese Australian dykes come across an old poster from Beirut in 1926 of two women dressed in suits… Some things may have changed, some things certainly haven’t. *contains brief nudity*


On the Road Again Dir. Azra K, UK, 2013, 9 min 37
A poetic look at movement, sex and the open road and how necessary it is in the filmmaker’s life.


Purging Dir. Nabeela Vega, USA, 2013, 1 min 32
Nabeela Vega uses a split screen to create tension between simultaneous actions as the artist adorns, effects and purges fluid from their body in a ritual of cleansing and sacrifice. The body is referenced and explored as a temple within Indo-islamic traditions.


1000 Cum Shots | Dir. Wayne Yung | Canada | 2003 | 1 min
A fast paced meditation on race and gay pornography.

Travel down the rabbit hole with this glorious collection of oddities. From creepy to hilarious, to sinister, film-makers explore queerness through the experimental, playful and bizarre. A doll discovers her true nature at a freak show in Illuminate, a video artist’s life is defined by professionals in the moving M.E. A Video Selfie, a jogger is confused and aroused by a strange encounter in The Cream, the hunter becomes the hunted in Kid in Trouble and the brutality of the dancefloor is fully realised in Carpe Jugular.


Installation: At The Edge of the World; In The Garden; Easter Dir. Stephen Harwood, UK, 2015
Inspired by the work of Derek Jarman, Stephen Harwood contemplates landscape and Englishness.


The Cream, dir Jean-Marie Villeneuve, France, 2014, 08:34


Illuminate, dir Nataly Lebouleux, UK, 2008, 18:40 (CW: contains dolls!)


On Your Feet, Woman! dir Evi Tsiligaridou, UK, 2014, 07:40


Kid in Trouble – Io Ringhio, dir Thomas Bartels, Germany, 2015, (WORLD PREMIERE) (CW: contains physical violence)


M.E. A Video Selfie, dir Emie/Eva-Marie Elg, Sweden, 2015, 15:46 (WORLD PREMIERE)


SANDY: The Long Dark Tearoom of the Soul, dirs. David Churchill/Frank


The Legend of Narcissus, dir Olga Guse, Germany, 2013, 04:01


Carpe Jugular, dir Kai Stänicke, Germany, 2014, 05:17 (CW: contains physical violence)

Representing the different stages of queer life, and how generations relate to each other, these films look at what it is to grow up queer, to find your place in the world, to look back with regret, or forward with unexpected opportunity, to experience new adventures whatever your age.  From childhood memories of Re(Trace) and teenage musical obsessions of A Melodrama in Four Parts to new beginnings between erstwhile friends (Milkshake & Memories) and the age-old lust of old-age (End of Season Sale), these stories span the time of your life.


Re(Trace), dir. Jonathan Lemieux, Canada, 2013, 08:37


A Teenage Melodrama in Four Parts, dir. Olivia Sparrow, UK, 2015, 13:00


1987, Summer, dir. Krissy Mahan, USA, 2015, 09:22 (WORLD PREMIERE)


Heavens to Betsy, dirs. Jackie Nunns/Angie West, UK, 2015, 13:04Heavens to Betsy, dirs. Jackie Nunns/Angie West, UK, 2015, 13:04


High Heels Aren’t Compulsory, dir. Annabel Cooper, UK, 2015, 15:00


Milkshake & Memories, dir. Dave Cave, UK, 2014, 07:00


End of Season Sale, dir. Eli Glazer, Israel, 2014, 34:46

Content warning: Consensual non-consent, hard-core porn, extreme scenarios.
The variety when we do our own stuff is mesmerizing, hot, amazing and in some cases even scary. Fantasies and utopia meet harsh realities in these varied shorts, where queers are filming queers having sex, playing and getting hot together.We get into the lab to see what triggers our sex; we see a group of school girls stage their own revenge, and what happens when the estate agent is not who they first said they were…. It’s all about the people who created the new porn laws. Did they think for real that we would lie back and think of Britain as the only sex we want and crave? A varied shorts programme with films from Lo-Fi Cherry, Eric Pussyboy, Abigail Gnash, Kitty Stryker and cast Mad Kate and Ashley Ryder and many more.

Programme chosen and presented by Ingo, director of Wotever World and with more than one finger in at Klub Fukk, Sweat and various kink scenarios.