Festival Programme 2016

Programme Schedule @ DIY Space For London

14:00 : 15:20 – Shorts: Queering Families

15:20 – 16:00 – BREAK

16:00 – 17:40 – Shorts: Community Politics: Belonging

17:40 – 18:00 – Panel / Q&A

18:00 – 19:00 – Welcome Reception

18:00 – 19:00 – Filmmakers and Film Lovers Networking Event

19:15- 19:45 – A Vow of Silence

19:45 – 21:15 – Major! + Panel/ Q&A

21:35 – 01:30 –Femmes on Film! Opening Night Party

Access: The venue is wheelchair accessible and there are disabled parking bays outside. For all other specific needs please contact us at woteverfilm@gmail.com

Programme Schedule @ DIY Space For London

13:30 – 15:00 – Afternoon Tea and Porn

15:00 – 15:30 – BREAK

15:30 – 17:00 – Queers vs The Patriacy

17:00 – 17:30 – BREAK

17:30 – 19:05 – First Kiss. Last Words.

19:05 – 19:30 – BREAK

19:30 – 21:00 – Yes We Fuck! + Panel/Q&A

21:00 – 23:00 – Drinks and toons!

Access: The venue is wheelchair accessible and there are disabled parking bays outside. For all other specific needs please contact us at woteverfilm@gmail.com

Programme Schedule @ The Cinema Museum

19:30 – 21:30 – Community Voices in Full: Intersexion

Access: The Cinema Museum is wheelchair accessible. We can arrange for disabled parking directly outside the venue. For this and all other specific needs please contact woteverfilm@gmail.com

Programme Schedule @ The Cinema Museum 

19:30 – 21:30 – Community Voices in Full: Kiki

Access: The Cinema Museum is wheelchair accessible. We can arrange for disabled parking directly outside the venue. For this and all other specific needs please contact woteverfilm@gmail.com

Queering Families

3 Sep, 14:00 – 15:20 (BST)

Running time 77 minutes
English subtitles, BSL interpreted intro

BSL Interpreted



Creating a strong family bond – biological or otherwise – can be a hard undertaking. There can be a reluctance to come out and be vulnerable to each other. That kind of unit depends on loyalty, commitment and care. Kimchi fried dumplings 1

These films – funny, dramatic, moving, entrancing, beautiful – explore the themes of familial bonds from all angles; from coming out to your loved ones, to learning to relate and understand yourself as part of a family and ultimately supporting each other, and all the way into outer space…

ACCESS: The venue is wheelchair accessible and there are disabled parking bays outside. For all other specific needs please contact us at woteverfilm@gmail.com

My Sister’s Girlfriend

Dir. Shanice Gauci, Malta, 2016, 06:53
*** World Premiere ***

A brilliantly crafted and concise family drama that challenges a mother’s stereotyping of her daughters – one feminine, the other a short haired football player who’s been hanging out with a certain friend more and more…


Dir. Jonathan Lemieux, Canada, 2015, 06:28
*** European Premiere ***

Jonathan Lemieux returns to WDIYFF with a gorgeous new moving image film using the themes of mental health, family, art and memory. Using archive family footage, Jonathan tries to deconstruct his past and personality, before realising it is time to let go of the past.

Coming Out

Dir. Vijay Patel, UK, 2016, 01:23

Vijay Patel’s short-short is made of a series of thematic contrasts – the event of coming out to one’s parents, the almost mundane conversation that followed. This mix of the vulnerability and the strange inane tension we have towards the families we grow up with becomes a soundtrack to an explicit, matter-of-fact, personal sex scene.
Content note: contains explicit sex

Kimchi Fried Dumplings

Dir. Jason Karman, Canada, 2013, 14:00

This film goes beyond the story of coming out into the broader issues of being in a family, about caregiving and being vulnerable to those closest to you. A Christmas family reunion-slash-meet-the-parents affair starts off tense as three brothers are forced to face each other’s’ problems and resentments.

The Orchid

Dir. Ferran Navarro-Beltrán, Spain, 2016, 03:00

Sometimes the biggest conversations are forced onto voicemail. A sweet father-son tale played across an answering machine.

Open Plan

Dir Daniel Murtha, UK, 2016, 10:00

In East London, Giles, Kevin and Jamie are looking at a one bed flat, trying to decide if they should move in together. I was so happy to find a film depicting a poly relationship. The film wryly acknowledges the London housing market, as well as the depth of communication required in both alternative and normative relationships when trying to build a unit together. Altogether, it’s a funny, sweet film with a very London voice.


Dir. Celia Wickham, UK, 2014, 09:06

The relationship between the filmmaker, her mother and her mother’s mental illness is depicted in this beautiful moving image film. The imagery of film burning and fracturing portrays a storm of emotion, an expression of memory, mental health and trauma. It’s a film to sink into and enjoy as it unfolds before you.


Dir. Ania Urbanowska, UK, 2015, 01:57

Sometimes the fear of coming out can make us fear that we are unlovable. The simple refrain ‘don’t stop loving me’ hangs in the air long afterwards.

Cecil & Carl

Dirs. Elvis Leon, Gaston Yvorra, USA, 2016, 14:00
*** World Premiere ***

After being together for over 43 years, Cecil and Carl are most definitely each other’s family. Their love has outlasted the cherry trees they planted in the home they made together. But when Carl becomes ill, the state decides it doesn’t see it that way and he’s taken to a care home. Separated, Cecil lobbies to bring him back home. This short documentary pulls you into their bond and their unwavering love and commitment to each other.

The Girl Bunnies: ROCKETSHIP

Dir. Françoise Doherty, Canada, 2015, 08:17

In a beautiful stop-motion-animated world, a story of love and transition emerges. The family of bunnies help their sister fly into outer space to meet another bunny babe she cannot stop thinking about. A truly delightful queer tale made for children with music and lyrics produced by the filmmaker.

Queering Families: Get Tickets

Two Men Kissing Each OtherCommunity Politics: A Sense of Belonging

3 Sep, 16:00 – 18:00 with Q&A

Total running time: 100 minutes
English subtitles
BSL interpreted intro

BSL Interpreted

Sometimes the hardest thing about being queer is finding your tribe and a sense of belonging. Where do we fit, where are we left out and where are we brought in? This strand shows queers reaching out to each other, lashing out against injustice towards our communities and sometimes just kicking back and enjoying being in the presence of beautiful people who recognise you and what you’re about. There’s a politics in campaigning together, and a politics in how we relate to each other, which all of these films explore.

ACCESS: The venue is wheelchair accessible and there are disabled parking bays outside. For all other specific needs please contact us at woteverfilm@gmail.com

SHE’s in London: episode 1

Dir. Stuart Dunlop, Series Creator Katie Bennett-Hall, UK, 2015, 06:53

Last year we saw the launch of She’s in London, a LGBTQ web series based in Soho. It’s an ambitious drama and not at all shy with its opinions and political thoughts about the changing LGBTQ scene and the way our venues have been attacked by rampant capitalism. Add to that some cheeky fun lesbian drama and you have a very enjoyable web series with something to say.


Dir.Tom Creagh & Fiona Nicholson, UK, 2016, 10:30
*** World Premiere ***

Shannon is a pansexual asexual, and feels like a needle in a haystack. In this film we see her meet other asexual people to understand how people live life on the ace spectrum – and to find a sense of belonging and acceptance within herself.


Dir. Lynnly Benson, UK, 2016: 00:47
*** World Premiere ***

This is a profile of Charlie Craggs, the founder of Nail Transphobia, a wonderful form of ‘fabulous activism’ that has Charlie travelling to events with her nail bar to spread sparkle and tackle transphobic attitudes.

Boxx, episode 1

Dir. Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor, UK, 2016, 08:00

Boxx is an excellent web series drama following two black, trans, London-based artists as they make a documentary about their lives. This engaging show references Cheryl Dunye, with its mix of narrative and talking heads that seems to go in and out of character. In this first episode we meet the main characters as they throw their friend Osko a birthday party.

Encore La Nuit

Dir. Mignon, France, 2016, 22:37

We follow a group of queers – young, French, diasporic and achingly cool – at a house party in Toulouse. They sing, they dance, they flirt. You find yourself watching these people and seeing all the dramas, loves and little stories between them, wondering what kind of party queer fits you. Overall it’s a really interesting look at cool queer culture in other places.

Unkahi Unsuni Kahani (Untold Unheard Story)

Dir. Nakshatra Bagwe, India, 2016, 06:51
*** European Premiere ***

Untold Unheard Story depicts the struggle of the Indian LGBTH community as they fight to speak out against discrimination where they live. Our protagonist is denied the ease of the elevator of life and is forced to take the stairs (literally) in an epic battle, but also gains many experiences along the way. The film has a strong sense of the fairytale about it, as well as giving a nurturing, loving voice to its community.

What’s in a Label?

Dir. Rob Eagle, UK, 2016, 06:00
*** World Premiere ***

WDIYFF veteran Rob Eagle returns with a new film exploring the relationship between labels and generations. We get to see three pairs of intergenerational LGBTQs debate how the language we’ve used to identify ourselves has developed and changed over the years.

Ghost Pug

Dir. Will Webb, UK, 2015, 03:00

London’s housing market can force people into uncomfortable places, such as accepting a ghost pug in your midst. A very silly, funny film about a lesbian couple being haunted by a ridiculously cute ghost.

Q is for Queer

Dir. Emily Benington, UK, 2016, 06:00

This film was the result of a DIY project shot on phones and webcams, compiling a series of intimate, reflective and thoughtful interpretations on what Queer means to the participants and why it works with their identity. Personal and political in turn, it’s a film that inspires much thinking afterwards.

I’m New Here

Dir. Tokini Fubara, Canada, 2016, 09:00

I’m New Here is a seriated animated documentary featuring queer African newcomers to Winnipeg, Canada. Their profiles and experiences of being black, queer and African in Canada is captured in gorgeous style in this oral project.

Primavera Rosa en Mexico

Dir. Mario de la Torre, Spain, 2016, 23:00

The primavera rosa references the pink spring – the documentary opens with celebrations of the Mexican LGBTQ community being given the right to marriage and adoption. But scratch beneath the surface and the struggles queer Mexicans face due to their class, colour, gender identity and sexuality are still very real, and in some cases, very dangerous. This is a spirited, engaging and moving work where the community is able to speak for itself about life in Mexico.
Content note: contains discussion of violence against trans people and brief image of a dead trans person

Community Politics: Get Tickets

Networking Event

3 Sep, 18:00 – 19:00

Calling all filmmakers, film lovers, industry people and cinequeers!

This is an opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow film makers and enthusiasts. Perhaps you’re looking for people to star in your next queer film creation? Maybe you want to star in someone else’s queer film! Maybe you’re looking for people with technical know-how and other crew members, or perhaps you simply want to chew the fat with other queer cinema lovers and get inspired.

Whether you’ve made a film, are interested in making a film, are in the industry or would like to meet people who are, this is a great opportunity to come along and network.

Free drinks, snacks and tunes will be provided.

(Places for this event are limited so please let us know if you can’t attend)

Opening Night Gala

3 Sep, 19:15 – 21:15 with Q&A

BSL Interpreted Event. English Subtitles. Audio Description Available. 


Welcome to the fabulous and uplifting opening night of this year’s Wotever DIY Film Festival! A Vow of SilenceFeaturing an opening film that’s a loving portrait of one of the most significant black trans activists for the past 40 years, Miss Major, as well as a deeply symbolic black, queer short, this is an opening evening the truly encapsualtes the strength of current queer filmmaking and black queer activism. Political, poetic and poignant, this is filmmaking that connects history to the freshest present.

Don’t miss the amazing opening night party, straight afterwards and running all the way until 2 AM! More info about tickets, artists and performances coming soon.

ACCESS: The venue is wheelchair accessible and there are disabled parking bays outside. Audio description is available – please speak to a member of the team at the door or email in advance to woteverfilm@gmail.com

A Vow Of Silence

Dir. B Steadwell, USA, 2014, 28.00
English subtitles

Audio Description

One of the things we get excited about at WDIYFF is discovering new filmmakers that tell queer stories from an interesting and different perspective, and B Steadwell’s A Vow of Silence does just that. Full of faultless cinematography and narrative so cleverly written you don’t even notice it, A Vow of Silence is jam packed with fairy tale symbolism and black girl magic. It’s a deep, soulful film – a film of healing, community and sista love.

Jade is a heartbroken composer who – through her pain – blocks out the light with an unwritten score for her ex Isis, resolving to stay silent until she is able to win her back. Life, however, keeps giving her small gifts: A ring that falls and leads her to the door of a healer. A journey into the forest to re-find her voice.


Dir. Annalise Ophelian, Psy.D., USA, 2015, 90:00
Part of our Community Voices in Full Programme

English subtitles
Audio Description

We are honoured to be sharing this powerful, moving, charismatic and most excellent documentary as our opening film for Wotever DIY Film Festival 2016.

MAJOR! documents the life of Miss Major Griffin-Gracy; a fabulous, 74-year-old, black, trans woman activist, who’s spent 40 years fighting for the rights of trans women of colour. As a veteran of the Stonewall Riots, her life is a quintessential part of LGBTQ history – one that should never be forgotten or undermined. This film is an act of love by the people around Miss Major, people who want to celebrate her work and show her life as a campaigner, a community leader, elder, survivor and a Mama to so many trans women of colour.

Come to this screening and bear witness to a living, pulsating history of resilience and love from the marginalised people of our queer community.

Screening to be followed by Q&A

Opening Night Gala: Get Tickets


Travis Alabanza and Mzz Kimberley celebrate all things femme at our Opening Night Party!

Travis Alabanza

Travis Alabanza is a self-identified Black queer femme boi who lives, studies, survives and creates in London. LGBT president for King’s College, London Travis also aims to bring voice to their Blackness and queerness in their spoken performance art and writings, and their one person show ‘Stories of a Queer Brown Muddy Kid’ has received rave reviews. Recently published in the anthology Black and gay in the UK, Travis feels that their art is the best way to speak clearly and unapologetically about the love they deserve.

Mzz Kimberley 

Mzz Kimberley is one of UK’s most talented cabaret performers and winner of 2011 BOYZ award for best cabaret artist. She studied musical theatre at the City Lit Institute in London and acting at the New York Academy of Theatre Arts under the direction of Philip Nolan. With a powerful voice and broad vocal range, she entertains her audiences with a wide repertoire of musical genres.

With an impressive list of appearances at prestigious venues in London, including The Ivy, Shoreditch House, Royal Festival Hall and Club Wotever, we are incredibly lucky and super excited to have this much-loved, LGBT treasure at WDIYFF 2016.

DJ Bettie Rage

DJ Bettie Rage’s influences include Kate Bush, David Bowie’s Berlin era and Rimmel ‘Alarm’ lipstick, so put those heels (flat, flipflops, biker boots etc) to good use by dancing in this year’s WDIYFF!


DIYSFL is fully wheelchair accessible and has gender neutral toilets. There are disabled parking bays on the road outside the venue. Please contact us at woteverfilm@gmail.com to discuss any specific needs or requirements.

Wot Sex III: Afternoon Tea, Cake and Porn (Over 18s only)

4 Sep, 13:30 – 15:00

English subtitles
BSL interpreted intro

BSL Interpreted

Queer porn can be electric, sweet, all-consuming, playful, even shocking… but always uniquely attuned to Queer sensibilities.

Join us for a cup of tea and our shorts programme of queer feminist porn curated by Ingo, director of Wotever World and with more than one finger in Klub Fukk, Sweat and various kinky scenes. Grab a cuppa and a slice of cake and be luxuriated with sexuality and kink. We’re pretty sure that there won’t be a dry seat in the house!

ACCESS: The venue is wheelchair accessible and there are disabled parking bays outside. For all other specific needs please contact us at woteverfilm@gmail.com

Afternoon Tea, Cake and Porn: Get Tickets

Queers vs The Patriarchy

4 Sep, 15:30 – 17:00

Total running Time: 78.00
English subtitles

BSL interpreted intro, Audio Description Available


From new interpretations of fairy tales to puppet feminist filmmakers campaigning against white Twinkdreams_Still1male overkill in the film industry, this programme of shorts reflects on the trouble with patriarchy in a humorous, sensitive and sometimes gritty way. These filmmakers are searching for new depictions of female sexual anatomy and desire; asserting their right to the identity of ‘woman’, and drawing attention to the fact that a female-presenting person’s body is still scrutinised and placed under surveillance.

In this collection, men grapple with their inability to express emotional desire for each other, young boys come of age by standing against symbols of patriarchy and animators  offer cheeky solutions to men who just wanna take up too much space…

This has been a complete joy to put together. This collection of submissions explore feminist issues from multiple viewpoints and opens feminist discussion to diverse experiences of living under patriarchy.

ACCESS: Audio description is available – please request at the venue or email in advance to woteverfilm@gmail.comThe venue is wheelchair accessible and there are disabled parking bays outside.


DIR: Andrea Alessandro La Bozzetta, Italy, 2015, 14:00

Salvatore and Giuliano are training and playing basketball in a park. After training they relax on the grass, and an intense conversation ensues that will take the two friends in an unexpected direction.

This film uses carefully constructed shots of the two men’s close, physical contact while training, and builds a narrative of unresolved sexual chemistry and physical desire. It then goes on to cleverly portray the gap between this obvious attraction and their inability to express it. The conversation that follows is cloaked in a language of misogyny and homophobia, creating a tension between the sexual chemistry and their verbal expression. I loved the way this short film juxtaposes these seemingly different expressions.
Content note: Misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic dialogue

En la Azotea (On the roof)

Dir. Damià Serra, Spain, 2015,  11 mins

One of my favourite films I have seen this year. It’s summertime. Each afternoon, Adrián and his friends go up to the roof of a building to spy on a girl who sunbathes nude. But this afternoon won’t be like the others… This film is stunningly shot and beautifully portrays those long youthful summers of mischief-making and rights of passage. In this short narrative the young boy finds the courage to oppose the group bully and to no longer deny his true self.

Netflix and Chips

Dir. Helen Wright, Scotland, 2015,  5.42

A sweet, hilarious drama written and produced in 48 hours. Working in a chip shop, Tammy begins to notice that her job is starting to impact on her dating experiences. Tonight, however, she has a hot date lined up. So what could possibly go wrong?

Too Wide

Dir. Moyin Saka, UK, 2016, 7.00

This deceptively simple film has many layers. Cleverly shot through a surveillance camera, it references the feelings of being under constant social scrutiny that many trans people and cis women feel. Travis Alabanza demands the right of freedom from the gender binary through spoken word narration. I loved this film – how many times have we dressed to go out and faced the world feeling good, feeling sharp, on a high, to then step out into the street and be ridiculed or asked to defend our choice of expression?

I am a Woman

Co Dirs. Kay Fi’ain & Azara Meghie, UK, 2016,  3.00


In contrast, the central character in ‘I am a Woman’, also built around a piece of spoken word, demands to be accepted as a woman, despite choosing typically male representation. Azara Megie gives us the butch female experience through break dance and spoken word.


Dir. Rachel Ara, UK, 2015, 01.00

This hilarious short animation encapsulates the new terminology ‘Manspreading’ (the usually male behaviour of taking up space with little regard or consideration as to whose space you are invading) and suggests a way of dealing with this problematic behaviour – a way which the WDIYFF, of course, does not endorse… 🙂

Drag King Problems

Dir. Sally Paskins, UK, 2016, 03.00

Hilariously funny sketch about the problems Drag Kings Suffer.

Like A Riot

Dir. Krissy Mahan, USA, 2016, 02.00

Krissy Mahan is back again this year with this wonderful short in which puppet Sophie Mayer hangs out with Campbell X’s puppet self. The two super heroes embark on a campaign to deal with the white, male overkill prevalent in the film industry. And what better way to incite a riot to the soundtrack of London-based punk band Big Joanie?

Beauty and the Beast

Dir. Bev Zalcock and Sara Chambers, UK, 2016,  07.30

These two veterans of DIY film making are back again this year with a queer version of Beauty and the Beast. Using early silent cinema techniques, Barrelstout re-work this traditional story with their usual humour and DIY approach. But has the princess really learnt that beauty lies within?

An Equally Predatory Monster (A ‘how-to’ on making feminist tentacle porn)

Dir. Anna Wistreich, UK, 2015, 17.00

Artist Lo-fi Cherry talks about her approach to creating feminist tentacle porn, with analytical discussion on feminism, porn and women’s sexuality intercut with blissful imagery of jellyfish and live coral. The documentary relates her early fascination with porn to her artistic expression, and to the realisation that tentacle porn, often genderless, is also queer. Anna uses the medium of pornography in a radical way, to celebrate women’s bodies and sexual desire. The artist calls out for more variety of imagery to depict women’s physical sexuality, believing in the radicalising potential of an ‘equally predatory monster’. This film even comes with a manifesto…


Dir. Finn Peaks, Germany, 2016, 01.44

This strangely mesmerising little film inspired by the changing anatomy of a trans woman lover takes a humorous approach to trans feminine, lesbian and queer sexuality and explores this subject in a simple and direct way.


Dir. Finn Peaks, Germany, 2016,  05.23

An intimate account of gay male desire from a trans man perspective. A twink undresses, masturbates and shares his deep longing for his Daddy in a dreamy narrated fantasy.

Eye Touch Myself

Dir. Lynnly Benson, UK, 2016, 00.38

The Vagina: desired, lusted for and often eluded to – and yet, when it is shown, considered indecent. Lynnly Benson explores the conflicting and contradictory messages associated with the imagery of female anatomy through this moving image art piece.

Queers vs The Patriarchy: Get Tickets

First Kiss. Last Words.

4 Sep, 17:30 – 19:05

English Subtitles, BSL Interpreted Intro
Total Running Time: 93 minutes

BSL Interpreted

This selection of shorts journeys through the many stages of relationships: From the arrival of the Cafune 5first message delivered through cyberspace, to the problem of how to escape a relationship that’s no longer working. Included in this diverse collection are animated schoolboy crushes and poetically narrated one-night stands. Strangers meet in bars, online, on street corners. They connect, they desire, they betray, they grow, they get trapped and some even fall in love… it wouldn’t be a queer film festival without all that, would it?

ACCESS: The venue is wheelchair accessible and there are disabled parking bays outside. For all other specific needs please contact us at woteverfilm@gmail.com

Chariot Riders

Dir. Kate Jessop, UK, 2015, 05.00

This sweet animation tells the story of teenage boy Ashok working through his feelings of his Indian heritage and harbouring a deep affection for his best friend Kuldeep. Ashok and Kuldeep embark on long summer days and bunking off school to watch action movies… A beautiful animation about the awakening of sexual desires.


Dir. Kim Head, UK, 2013, 08.26

An engaging montage and split screen follows Sarah and Phil as they separately prepare for a night out. Tonight their paths are destined to cross and there is an instant attraction – even if it was not quite what they thought they were looking for.

The First Message

Dir. Jason Rayner, Canada, 2016, 04.00
*** World Premiere ***

A sweet, funny film portraying the anxieties of internet dating. When Mark receives a 98% match on his dating profile, his self-doubt creeps in. Sitting himself down for a good talking-to, Mark builds his confidence in a curious and humorous way to prepare for that first contact.

Furious St Jack + Otter, Alone

Dir. Ethan Roberts, USA, 2014, 06.00

A beautifully shot and exquisitely narrated spoken-word tale of a night out on the scene. A lonely young man rhythmically recounts his leap from isolation to vacuous gay bars, boredom and overspending, and then, an encounter with the beautiful stranger, Furious St Jack. Together they escape into ecstasy…


Dir. David San Juan, Belgium, 2016, 13.00

Lucas, an unlucky romantic, is approached by Victor, who promises love. At first wary of Victor’s advances Lucas eventually concedes…the film takes an intriguing and hilarious turn when Lucas’s fears are confirmed and he decides it’s time to take revenge on those serial seducers who will say anything to get in your pants.


Dir. Jay Gash, USA, 2016, 04.45

Ryan is searching the internet for that perfect match but has no luck. Maybe the answer lies closer to home. We loved this sweet film, which promotes self-care and spending time with yourself while negotiating the superficial world of internet dating.


Dir. Juan Beiro, Spain, 2015, 10.00

A beautifully sensitive film which intricately examines the everyday interactions that occur when we share our lives with someone. A self-help group meet and share the last words spoken by a lover, daughter, husband or wife before they died. Life is talking about silly stuff with the people you love. We couldn’t agree more.

The Viennese Whirl

Dir. Sara Chambers and Bev Zalcock, UK, 2015, 03.45

A sweet musical love story packed with humour and love. Sara and Bev take to the screen once again to remember a night of drinking, dancing and debauchery. We cannot get enough of Barrelstout’s playful productions.


Dir. Calliope Lunn, UK, 2016, 11.00
*** World Premiere ***

A study in connection, love and loneliness that explores the blurred realities that occur when our hearts are broken. This film features stirring performances from Travis Alabanza and Julian Silverman.

Love Letter

Dir. Neelu Bhuman, UK, English+Telugu, 2015, 05.00
*** European Premiere ***

An intriguing and mesmerising film that explores race, power and gender through an erotica narrative of desire – told in both English and Telugu. A hand sensuously examines another’s mouth, penetrating, pushing, carressing and controlling it.

The Tunnel

Dir. Ricardo Yebra, Spain, 2015, 11.52

An inspired use of location in this short drama. Laura and Sofia are trapped in a car wash tunnel and trapped in a dead relationship… is there any way out? This film cleverly uses the claustrophobia of a car wash to emphasise the feelings of being trapped in a mundane domestic relationship.

Alex y Eric Forever

Dir. Leo Adef, Spanish, 2015, 11.00
*** World Premiere ***

For two weeks, Alex and Eric have been meeting to fuck, but they have been doing everything else instead, because both of them are top. Music, conversations, films and a thousand joints, but not a single fuck. Alex could go on like this forever, but good vibes are not enough for Eric, so this could be the last night of something they wish would never end.

First Kiss. Last Words. Get Tickets

Closing Night Screening: Yes We Fuck + Shorts

4 Sep, 19:30 – 21:00

BSL Interpreted Event

English Subtitles

BSL Interpreted

Welcome to the closing night of this year’s Wotever DIY Film Festival, which chronicles the highly Yes We Fuckvaried experiences of LGBTQ people with disabilities. From specially comissioned political comedy to a poignant documentary about sex, this evening promises to enlighten, entertain and create political change. A fitting closing night to a fascinating festival.

ACCESS: The venue is wheelchair accessible and there are disabled parking bays outside. For all other specific needs please contact us at woteverfilm@gmail.com

Faggot Girl Gets Busy in The Bathroom

Dir. Krissy Mahan, USA, 2016, 03:39
World premiere: Specially commissioned for WDIYFF 2016

We’ve been showing Krissy Mahan’s work since 2012 when Faggot Girl, Mahan’s disability-rights campaigning, alter-ego superhero, first burst on to our screens. Since then, Faggot Girl has crusaded relentlessly for greater accessibility for all body types, arguing that access is a queer issue. We’re delighted to commission Faggot Girl Gets Busy in the Bathroom for this year’s festival, in which our fearless hero/ine demonstrates why public bathrooms are a crucial frontier in the fight for equality (and can also be great spots to hook up in, too).

Silent Laughs

Dir. Natalia Kouneli, Scotland, 2016, 10:59

Created as part of the Scottish Documentary Institute’s Bridging the Gap Scheme, this wonderful mini-doc follows stand up comedian Leah Kalaitzi who is on a crusade to bring deaf culture to the hearing masses. We’re delighted to welcome both Leah and Natalia to a Q&A after the screening.

Yes We Fuck! (part of our Community Voices in Full Programme)

Dirs. Antonio Centeno and Raúl de la Morena, Spain, 2015, 60mins Spanish with English subtitles

Society teaches us that sexy bodies are young, slim and, above all, abled. What, then, if you are an individual with functional diversity? In this totally unique, frank and often sexy documentary, directors Antonio and Raúl make it clear that sex is a basic human right and that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. With stories from those who are insisting on their right to be sexual and those that help to facilitate and enable this, YWF is easily the most important film you will see this year.

Closing Night Screening: Get Tickets


8 Sep, 19:30 – 21:30 Cinema Museum

Dir. Grant Lahood, New Zealand, 2012, 68mins

English subtitles and audio description

BSL interpreted intro and Q&A


‘The first question any new parent asks… “Is it a boy or a girl?”


What if it’s neither?’

Grant Lahood’s 2012 groundbreaking documentary about the intersex community blew audiences away at the 2013 London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and this wonderful film has lost none of its freshness and urgency. With a global span, the film introduces us to a wide range of people, each with their own unique journey and story to tell. Alongside the intensely personal stories is an often coruscating critique of the prevailing medical approach to intersex individuals and a passionate demand to be heard. Along with Mani Mitchell, New Zealand’s first ‘out’ intersex person, Lahood explores the myths, realities, challenges and joys of living outside the gender binary.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Valentino Vecchietti, Intersex Activist, Lesbian, Writer, and Independent Academic

This screening forms part of our Film London-sponsored Community Voices in Full programme

Access: The Cinema Museum is wheelchair accessible. We can arrange for disabled parking directly outside the venue. For this and all other specific needs please contact woteverfilm@gmail.com

Intersexion: Get Tickets



22 Sep, 19:30 – 21:30 Cinema Museum

dirs SARA JORDENÖ and TWIGGY PUCCI GARCON, Sweden, 2016, 94mins

BSL Interpreted


Made famous in the 1990s by Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ and Jennie Livingston’s ‘Paris is Burning’, the art-form Ballroom is today being embraced by LGBTQ youth of colour in New York City. Kiki follows seven members of this community over a four year period as they battle courageously and with enormous style and heart against poverty, illness and prejudice. We meet the extraordinary Twiggy Pucci Garcon, founder of the Haus of Pucci, tireless youth worker and collaborator in the making of the film.

Kiki has been taking the film festival circuit by storm, winning awards at Sundance, Berlinale and Full Frame Festival and we’re thrilled to be screening the London premier as part of this year’s Woteveer DIY Film Festival’s  Community Voices in Full programme.

Followed by Q&A

ACCESS: English subtitles and BSL interpretation. The Cinema Museum is wheelchair accessible – please contact us to reserve wheelchair space in the theatre and/or disabled parking directly outside the venue. There are also disabled parking bays approximately 100 meters from the venue. Please also contact us with any additional specific needs at woteverfilm@gmail.com

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