Name: Rob Eagle

Pronoun: Him, unless I’m in feminine-ish/non-binary drag (under the name Betty Swallox), in which case it’s she or they.

Twitter handle: @Rob_Eagle_

Role in this year’s WDIYFF: It’s ┬ácomplicated. I’m editing the Kickstarter and festival teasers and helping with tech support for the screenings.

Why WDIYFF is important to you:

I myself am white, gay, cis-male and able-bodied, and one could say that much of commercial LGBT cinema ‘speaks to me’. But I don’t go to the cinema just to see films about me; I want to be challenged and I want to learn about the lives of others, especially others within this ‘community’ defined by the LGBTQ label.

It’s so easy to be tribal and surround yourself only with those who act, dress and think like you, especially as a gay cis-man in London. I prefer to feel a greater sense of fellowship and community with those who, while all loosely defined as queer, are actually incredibly diverse across gender, nationality, ethnicity, professions, interests- that’s WDIYFF to me.

It’s a place to be challenged, to meet all sorts of people, to be yourself, maybe to explore another side of yourself and ultimately to have fun with a diverse group of people, all brought together to watch an astonishing programme of queer films.

Top 3 – 5 LGBT and/ or queer and/ or DIY films:

Call me Kuchu

Real Boy

Before Stonewall

Les Invisibles