Name: Ingo

Pronoun: They

Twitter handle: @woteverworld

Role in this year’s WDIYFF: I am the Producer of Wotever World, which WDIYFF is part of, and this year, I am the Programmer for Wot Sex (the queer smut strand of the 2016 festival).

Why WDIYFF is important to you: I love shared stories and films are such a brilliant tool to share thoughts, experiences and insights with others. The fact that technology today is so easy to use,  anyone’s ideas can be spread far and wide, and I love WDIYFF for collecting these stories and working with people who have things to say and share!

Top 3 – 5 LGBT and/ or queer and/ or DIY films: As I programme the porn section, I will share my fave DIY queer feminist porn films with you:

Banned in the UK by Kitty Stryker
Strong Hands, music video for Tami Tamaki – you can find this on YouTube!
Gender Fuck by Petra Joy
Tangled Heartstrings by Madison Young
The Duke of Burgundy by Peter Strickland